Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota

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Minneapolis is a city in Hennepin County, Minnesota. As of the 2014 census, the city population was 407,207. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 54.9 square miles. An elevation is 820 feet (249.93 m) above sea level. The population density was 7,418 people per square mile. The median age was 32.4 years (Minnesota state median age was 37.9 years). For every 100 females there were 101 males.
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Description of the Population
Population (Year: 2014)
407,207 residents
Population Change
+6.4% since 2000 year
Residents Median Age
32.4 years (State: 37.9)
Below the Poverty Line
19.5% (Year: 2015)
Population Males
204,673 residents
Population Females
202,534 residents
Population Urban
100% of residents
Foreign Born Residents
5.2% Latin America, 4.7% Africa, 4.3% Asia
Daytime Population Change
+103,875 (+25.3%)
Live and Work in the City
122,394 (52.4%)
Unemployment (Year: 2015)
3.2% (State: 3.2%)

Elections Results Data


    English Language Proficiency by Native Speakers


      Minneapolis Marital Status Data (Over 15 Years Old)


        Minneapolis Residents Living Below the Poverty Line (According to 2015)


          Year of Entry for the Foreign-born Minneapolis Residents


            Countries for the Foreign-Born Residents

              Financial Information
              Median Sale for Vacant Units (Year: 2015)
              Median Home Value (Year: 2015)
              $227,500 (State: $200,000)
              Changes in Home Value
              +$113,800 since 2000 year
              Median Gross Rent (Year: 2015)
              Median Contract Rent Range (Year: 2015)
              $408 – $682
              Median Rent for Vacant Units (Year: 2015)
              Cost of Living Index (Date: February 2016)
              115 (USA: 100)
              Property Taxes with Mortgage (Year: 2015)
              $2,987 (1.30%)
              Property Taxes without Mortgage (Year: 2015)
              $3,207 (1.50%)
              Median Household Income (Year: 2015)
              $54,571 (State: $63,488)
              Changes in Household Income
              +$16,597 since 2000 year
              Median Per Capita Income (Year: 2015)
              Changes in Per Capita Income
              +$12,078 since 2000 year
              Education Data (by Residents, Schools, Colleges)

              Education attainment (25+ years residents)


                Males 25 Years and Older


                  Females 25 Years and Older


                    List of Largest Colleges & Universities

                    • Walden University
                      Full-time enrollment: 62,473
                      Location: 100 Washington Avenue South, Suite 900
                      Private, for-profit
                      Website: www.waldenu.edu
                      Offers Doctor’s degree
                    • University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
                      FT enrollment: 43,506
                      Location: 100 Church Street SE
                      Website: www1.umn.edu/twincities/index.php
                      Offers Doctor’s degree
                    • Capella University
                      FT enrollment: 21,718
                      Location: 225 South 6th Street, 9th Floor
                      Private, for-profit
                      Website: www.capella.edu
                      Offers Doctor’s degree
                    • Minneapolis Community and Technical College
                      FT enrollment: 6,726
                      Location: 1501 Hennepin Ave
                      Website: www.minneapolis.edu
                    • Augsburg College
                      FT enrollment: 2,954
                      Location: 2211 Riverside Ave
                      Private, not-for-profit
                      Website: www.augsburg.edu
                      Offers Doctor’s degree
                    • The Art Institutes International-Minnesota
                      FT enrollment: 1,385
                      Location: 15 S 9th Street, LaSalle Building
                      Private, for-profit
                      Website: www.aim.artinstitutes.edu
                    • North Central University
                      FT enrollment: 1,281
                      Location: 910 Elliot Ave
                      Private, not-for-profit
                      Website: www.northcentral.edu
                    • Dunwoody College of Technology
                      FT enrollment: 995
                      Location: 818 Dunwoody Blvd
                      Private, not-for-profit
                      Website: www.dunwoody.edu
                    • Minneapolis College of Art and Design
                      FT enrollment: 728
                      Location: 2501 Stevens Ave
                      Private, not-for-profit
                      Website: WWW.MCAD.EDU
                      Offers Master’s degree
                    • Aveda Institute-Minneapolis
                      FT enrollment: 637
                      Location: 400 Central Ave SE
                      Private, for-profit
                      Website: aveda.edu/
                    • Herzing University-Minneapolis
                      FT enrollment: 412
                      Location: 5700 W Broadway
                      Private, for-profit
                      Website: www.herzing.edu
                    • Summit Academy Opportunities Industrialization Center
                      FT enrollment: 330
                      Location: 935 Olson Memorial Hwy
                      Private, not-for-profit
                      Website: WWW.SAOIC.ORG
                    • Institute of Production and Recording
                      FT enrollment: 285
                      Location: 300 North 1st Ave, Suite 500
                      Private, for-profit
                      Website: www.ipr.edu
                    • Globe University-Minneapolis
                      FT enrollment: 216
                      Location: IDS Center, 80 South 8th Street, Suite 51
                      Private, for-profit
                      Website: www.globeuniversity.edu/
                      Offers Doctor’s degree
                    • American Indian OIC Inc
                      FT enrollment: 178
                      Location: 1845 E. Franklin Ave
                      Private, not-for-profit
                      Website: www.aioic.org
                    • Academy College
                      FT enrollment: 124
                      Location: 1101 E. 78th Street, Suite 100
                      Private, for-profit
                      Website: www.academycollege.edu
                    • Miami Ad School-Minneapolis
                      FT enrollment: 28
                      Location: 25 North 4th Street , Suite 201
                      Private, for-profit
                      Website: www.miamiadschool.com

                    List of Largest Public High Schools

                    • MTS HIGH SCHOOL
                      Location: 2872 26TH AVENUE S.
                      Grades: 9-12
                      Charter school
                    • MTS PEASE ACADEMY
                      Location: 601 13TH AVE SE
                      Grades: 9-12
                      Charter school
                    • FAIR SCHOOL DOWNTOWN
                      Location: 10 S 10TH ST
                      Grades: 9-12
                    • EL COLEGIO CHARTER SCHOOL
                      Location: 4137 BLOOMINGTON AVE
                      Grades: 9-12
                      Charter school
                    • METRO SCHOOLS CHARTER
                      Location: 2600 26TH AVE S
                      Grades: 9-12
                      Charter school
                      Location: 3300 5TH ST NE
                      Grades: KG-12
                      Charter school
                      Location: 2520 MINNEHAHA AVE
                      Grades: 9-12
                      Charter school
                      Location: 2131 12TH AVE N
                      Grades: 9-12
                      Charter school
                    • DOWNTOWN CAMPUS
                      Location: 511 GROVELAND AVE
                      Grades: 9-12
                      Charter school
                    • SABATHANI CAMPUS
                      Location: 310 38TH STREET E STE 101
                      Grades: 9-12
                      Charter school

                    List of Largest Private High Schools

                    • BRECK SCHOOL
                      Students: 1,143
                      Location: 123 OTTAWA AVE N
                      Grades: PK-12
                    • MINNEHAHA ACADEMY
                      Students: 965
                      Location: 3100 W RIVER PKWY
                      Grades: PK-12
                    • HOPE ACADEMY
                      Students: 335
                      Location: 2300 CHICAGO AVE
                      Grades: KG-12
                      Students: 280
                      Location: 2924 4TH AVE S
                      Grades: 9-12
                    • SECOND FOUNDATION SCHOOL
                      Students: 45
                      Location: 1219 UNIVERSITY AVE SE
                      Grades: KG-12
                    • BAIS YAAKOV HIGH SCHOOL
                      Students: 34
                      Location: 4221 SUNSET BLVD
                      Grades: 9-12
                      Girls only

                    List of Largest Public Middle Schools

                      Location: 1610 S 6TH STREET STE 100
                      Grades: KG-8
                      Charter school
                      Location: 1800 2ND STREET NE
                      Grades: KG-8
                      Charter school
                      Location: 2526 27TH AVE S
                      Grades: 6-8
                      Charter school
                    • BANAADIR ACADEMY
                      Location: 1130 7TH STREET NORTH
                      Grades: KG-8
                      Charter school
                    • HARVEST PREPARATORY SCHOOL
                      Location: 1300 OLSON MEMORIAL HWY
                      Grades: KG-6
                      Charter school
                    • SOJOURNER TRUTH ACADEMY
                      Location: 3820 EMERSON AVE N
                      Grades: KG-8
                      Charter school
                    • FAIR SCHOOL DOWNTOWN
                      Location: 277 12TH AVE N
                      Grades: KG-4
                      Charter school
                      Location: 277 12TH AVE N
                      Grades: 5-8
                      Charter school
                      Location: 2600 E 38TH ST
                      Grades: KG-6
                      Charter school

                    List of Largest Private Middle Schools

                    • ANNUNCIATION SCHOOL
                      Students: 413
                      Location: 525 W 54TH ST
                      Grades: KG-8
                    • CARONDELET CATHOLIC SCHOOL
                      Students: 413
                      Location: 3210 W 51ST ST
                      Grades: KG-8
                      Students: 395
                      Location: 4330 CEDAR LAKE RD S
                      Grades: KG-8
                    • RISEN CHRIST CATHOLIC SCHOOL
                      Students: 334
                      Location: 1120 E 37TH ST
                      Grades: KG-8
                    • ST CHARLES BORROMEO SCHOOL
                      Students: 311
                      Location: 2727 STINSON BLVD
                      Grades: PK-8
                    • LAKE COUNTRY SCHOOL
                      Students: 303
                      Location: 3755 PLEASANT AVE
                      Grades: PK-8
                    • SACRED HEART CATHOLIC SCHOOL
                      Students: 267
                      Location: 4050 HUBBARD AVE N
                      Grades: PK-8
                      Students: 245
                      Location: 1726 DUPONT AVE N
                      Grades: KG-8
                    • CALVIN CHRISTIAN SCHOOL – BLAINE
                      Students: 209
                      Location: 8966 PIERCE ST NE
                      Grades: KG-8
                    • CITY OF LAKES WALDORF SCHOOL
                      Students: 208
                      Location: 2344 NICOLLET AVE
                      Grades: PK-8
                    Minneapolis Police Department
                    Full-time Employees (Year: 2015)
                    1,014 policemen
                    Full-time Law Enforcement Officers
                    831 policemen
                    Officers per 1,000 Residents
                    2.01 policemen (State: 1.71)
                    Labor Market Description

                    Unemployment Rate


                      Male: Employment in Industries (Services)


                        Female: Employment in Industries (Services)


                          Male: Most Common Occupations


                            Female: Most Common Occupations

                              Minneapolis Infrastructure
                              Grocery Stores in the City
                              203 stores
                              Grocery Stores per 10,000 Citizens
                              1.79 (State: 1.83)
                              Supercenters in the City
                              14 centers
                              Supercenters per 10,000 Citizens
                              0.12 (State: 0.13)
                              Convenience Stores not at Gas Stations
                              78 stores
                              Convenience Stores per 10,000 (no Gas)
                              0.69 (State: 0.49)
                              Convenience Stores at Gas Stations
                              283 stores
                              Convenience Stores per 10,000 (with Gas)
                              2.50 (State: 3.90)
                              Number of Restaurants in the City
                              807 restaurants
                              Restaurants per 10,000 Citizens
                              7.13 (State: 6.98)
                              Number of Houses in the City

                              Hospitals in Minneapolis

                              • ABBOTT NORTHWESTERN HOSPITAL
                                Voluntary non-profit – Private
                                provides emergency services
                                800 EAST 28TH STREET
                              • CHILDREN’S HOSPITALS & CLINICS OF MN
                                Voluntary non-profit – Private
                                provides emergency services
                                2525 CHICAGO AVENUE SOUTH
                              • HEALTHPARTNERS HOSPICE OF THE LAKES
                                8100 34TH AVE S
                              • MARIA HOME
                                2809 31ST AVENUE SOUTH
                              • METROPOLITAN MT SINAI MEDICAL CENTER
                                2215 PARK AVE S
                              • NORTHEAST HOUSE INC
                                1918 NORTHEAST 19TH AVENUE
                              • PEOPLE II
                                1380 WEST MINNEHAHA PARKWAY
                              • PHILLIPS EYE INSTITUTE
                                Government – Federal
                                2215 PARK AVENUE SOUTH
                              • ST MARYS HOSPITAL
                                2414 SOUTH SEVENTH STREET
                                Voluntary non-profit – Private
                                provides emergency services
                                2450 RIVERSIDE AVENUE
                              • UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA HOSP AND CLINIC
                                420 DELAWARE STREET SOUTHEAST

                              Airports & Heliports in Minneapolis

                              • Minneapolis-St Paul International/Wold-Chamberlain Airport
                              • Flying Cloud Airport
                              • Anoka County-Blaine Airport(Janes Field)
                              • Crystal Airport
                              • Airlake Airport
                              • Abbott Northwestern Hospital Heliport
                              • Children’s Hospital – Minneapolis Heliport
                              • Fairview Riverside Medical Center Heliport
                              • University Of Mn Hospitals & Clinics Heliport
                              • Peterson Seaplane Base

                              Amtrak Stations in Minneapolis

                              • 5 miles: ST. PAUL/MINNEAPOLIS (ST. PAUL, 730 TRANSFER RD.)
                                Services: ticket office, fully wheelchair accessible, enclosed waiting area, public restrooms, public payphones, vending machines, free short-term parking, free long-term parking, call for car rental service, taxi stand.

                              Average Travel Time to Work


                                Means of Transportation for Getting to Work

                                  Other Information

                                  Minneapolis by Race (According to 2015)


                                    Median Unit Value (According to 2015)


                                      Crime Rates per 100,000 Residents (According to 2015)


                                        Natural Disasters in Minneapolis


                                          Air Quality Information

                                            Common Weather Information
                                            Tornadoes Average Activity
                                            30% (Greater then US)
                                            Earthquakes Average Activity
                                            92% (Smaller then US)
                                            Number of Natural Disasters
                                            16 pc. (State: 13 pc.)
                                            Number of Major Disasters
                                            12 pc.
                                            Number of Emergencies Disasters
                                            4 pc.
                                            Google Map of Minneapolis
                                            ZIP Codes for Minneapolis: 55401, 55402, 55403, 55404, 55405, 55406, 55407, 55408, 55409, 55412, 55413, 55414, 55415, 55417, 55418, 55419, 55450, 55454, 55455
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